Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shrimp Tacos

TortillasI am a big fan of Pioneer Woman, if you haven't heard of her check out her website (awesome recipes w/photos, give-aways, and more).  She recently posted a Shrimp Tacos recipe .... and even though I am not one to mix seafood and mexican, It looked absolutely delicious. I exchanged the Pico de Gallo for fresh mango salsa and did a little bit different of a coleslaw recipe.


1/2 head Cabbage, Sliced Thin
1/2 head Purple Cabbage, Sliced Thin
4 carrots
1 onion sliced thin
~1/4 cup Mayonnaise
6 Tablespoon Rice or White Vinegar 
~2 Tablespoon Sugar (to taste)
Salt to taste

Chop or slice thinly the cabbage, carrots, and onion. Place them into a large bowl and mix in the vinegar, mayo, sugar, and salt. If you prefer a more creamy slaw then add more mayo, if you like a more vinegary slaw then less mayo and more vinegar.  Place in fridge and let it chill. It's a good idea to do this either the night before or at least an hour before dinner. 

Mango or Peach

Chop the ingredients of your choice and mix together.  I made a list of what I like to put in my salsa, but you really can't go wrong.

2 Tablespoons Olive oil
1-1/2 pound Shrimp, Peeled And Deveined, Tails Removed
1 can (6 Ounces Approx) Mexican Tomato Sauce Or Enchilada Sauce
1/2 teaspoon Cumin

Heat up oil in a large frying pan and add in shrimp. Once they have turned pink and are cooked, add in the Tomato Sauce and cumin. Cook until the sauce is bubbly.

Grab a plate, place a tortilla down, then add your shrimp w/sauce, the coleslaw, salsa, sour cream, and then a slice of avocado.  Enjoy!

PS- My next post will be making your own Tortillas!

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