Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dark Day Challenge Week 4 Crockpot Chicken Chutney

I defrosted some chicken yesterday wanting to do a crock pot recipe, but of course I started too late in the day to have it for dinner. Sometimes it's actually better that way, because then it's almost like I'm planning ahead.  So I knew that I wanted to do Chicken in the crock pot, but what else could I throw in with it... peaches, apples, potatoes w/carrots? How about Peach Chutney? It is one of my staples that I can every season. Peaches, onions, vinegar, garlic, spices, and raisins make up this amazing accompaniment to chicken, pork, or turkey.  So here's to the fastest thrown together crock pot meal- Cheers!

Chicken (Chestnut Farms Hardwick, MA)
Peach Chutney (home canned goodness)

Place chicken in crock pot and add enough chutney to cover chicken. Cook on low for 6-9hours.

Enjoy with rice or pasta or by itself, but don't forget to include some saute green beans on the side.

Green beans (homegrown)- heat up some butter in a saucepan, thrown in 3 garlic cloves sliced, add your beans and saute till a bit browned. Add salt and serve warm.


  1. This looks good! I made more pear chutney than I think we will eat in small doses--this would be a good way to use it.

  2. Oooh! I have a bunch of tomato chutney in the basement. This might be just the thing. Thanks for the great idea! Lindsay @ EatLocal365